Vehicle technology

Subject titlesort icon Course Id Syllabus
Accident analysis II., simulation methods KOGGM655 View all
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems KOGGM657 View all
Automotive electronics BMEKOGJM952
Brake system, steering system and drivetrain mechatronics BMEKOGJM951
Dynamics of vehicle BMEKOGJM441
Engine design BMEKOGJM411
Engine design II. KOGGM671 View all
Instrumental tests for motor vehicles, measurement technology KOGGM668 View all
Integrated quality management systems BMEKOGJM112
Mechatronic design of vehicle systems KOGGM622 View all
Motor vehicle measurements BMEKOGJM442
Production process quality assurance in the vehicle industry KOGGM611 View all
Research and devlopment process in the vehicle industry KOGGM614 View all
Road safety, accident reconstruction BMEKOGJM439
Road safety, legislative environment, human factors KOGGM653 View all
Suspension design KOGJM613 View all
Suspension design and vehicle dynamic BMEKOGJM413
Transmission system design and vehicle mechanics BMEKOGJM412
Vehicle construction and design, road safety BMEKOGJM414
Vehicle engines and transmission systems KORHM406
Vehicle evaluation, traffic environment KOGJM640 View all
Vehicle evaluation, traffic environment, human factors BMEKOGJM440